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Innovative solutions you can trust.

Managing diverse teams for network infrastructure, data room design,
phone sales & leasing, security & speaker systems, service and maintenance.

Get It Done Better With Us

We ensure efficiency and effectiveness. Bringing world-class service to your business technology needs, our goal is to provide you with a job done above your expectations. Give us a call for a FREE quote: (818) 810-2610

World-Class Service

Delivering precise troubleshooting to clients and providing a perfect mixture of innovative solutions and world-class customer service backed by reliable resources.

Certified Experts

We hold a California Contractor license and ICC certification as elite master technicians. In addition, we have 3xLogic Certified Access Control. Our ability is backed by credibility, so you can be confident you are in trained hands.

75 Years of Combined Experience

With decades of hands-on experience building infrastructure, managing teams, and handling large projects, we have seen it all and know how to handle any situation.

Our Scope of Services

We call it the Platinum Solution. We offer a spectrum of solutions to meet your needs. Below you will read more about the seven areas of expertise we can deliver on.

Infrastructure Cabling

Install Cat3, Cat5, Cat5e, and Cat6.

Data Room Design

Supply and install patch panels, switches, routers, racks & ladders, cabinets, ceiling sleeves, grounding bar, patch cords and cross connecting services.

Communication Infrastructure

Extend from MPOE rooms and riser closets, install DMAC’s and WiFi, and provide Riser closet preferred maintenance.

Service & Maintenance

Onsite assistance with infrastructure issues and cable management clean up.

Security Systems

Supply and install internet based cameras and card readers.

Speaker Systems

Design, supply and install Valcom, music and sound masking systems.

Phone Sales & Leasing

Supply and install Samsung (VOIP & Digital) and Yealink (VOIP) phones.

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